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Garage door springs are one of the most important parts that keep your garage door functioning properly and counterweight that provides the force needed to lift and lower the door. And because all springs are susceptible to break, we’re here to serve all garage door spring repair.

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Broken Springs repair

Broken Springs Signs

There are several signs of broken springs, including the hard movement of the door, the door announcing a loud noise when you operate, also if a spring breaks when it is fully loaded, it makes a loud bang and the presence of a gap between springs. So, if you notice any broken springs signs, reach professional help.

Broken springs are very dangerous, and we don’t recommend repairing them, but we recommend replacing them ASAP. When one extension spring breaks or any other torsion spring damages, be sure that the other springs will break too. So, at San Antonio Garage Door Pro, we can replace all the springs simultaneously to save you more time and money. 

Garage Door Springs Services

If you live in San Antonio, TX area and you are searching for the best garage door springs services, you can reach San Antonio Garage Door Pro. As we can lubricate or balance the springs, install secure and high-quality cables, replace spring fishers or make adjustments to any torsion springs and any garage door extension spring repair at an affordable price.

Please don’t try to repair or handle any garage door spring service by yourself when we are here to serve you in San Antonio, TX, because it is very dangerous and needs to be done by professional’s experts only. As we guarantee that we will repair and install springs to meet the exact and unique needs of your garage door.

Garage door offer

Garage Door Spring Store

San Antonio Garage Door Pro is your one-stop-shop for all garage door spring needs in San Antonio, TX. We provide a huge selection of garage door extension springs, rolling steel springs, spring fishers, torsion springs, hardware, cables, and more parts in one place. We choose to offer a wide selection to ensure that you always have access to all the garage door spring materials needed.

If you neglect to look after your garage door, then its life will be shortened, regardless of the door parts quality; that’s why we provide regular spring maintenance to keep your garage door functioning and avoid any potential damage that may happen in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us to keep your garage door healthy in San Antonio, TX.

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